Turn your anonymous traffic into predicted revenue

Reveal the buying intent of all your traffic so you can uncover sales opportunities and invest the right amount in each visitor.


95% of your visitors will not convert into leads.

You remarket to that anonymous traffic by using manual lead scoring techniques with overly simplistic intent data.

You are leaving money on the table and wasting your sales and marketing resources.

Stop being in the dark.

Unlock the hidden revenue behind each click, anonymous or not.

Click scoring is the most advanced technique for intent tracking. It analyzes the behavior of each visitor on your website. With the help of machine learning, it segments thousands of journeys and makes predictions about the visitor's purchase intent. 

Deanonymize that 95%

You will know exactly who is ready to buy, who is not ready yet and who is just window shopping.

Supercharge that 5%

Your current lead scoring will be more effective thanks to the new layer of predictive intent data.

Predict your anonymous visitors’ real intent and the revenue they will bring to your company.


Your traffic neatly organized by buying intent 

All your traffic is automatically categorized into 5 different segments or cookie based audiences, from ready to buy to not yet ready to buy. You also see the adjusted conversion rate for each segment.

And without doing a thing!

You will never look at your funnel the same way again.

Discover which channels drive which level of buyer intent

What kind of traffic is each channel generating? Users who are ready to buy? Just  wanderers? Still at the awareness stage? Simply benchmarking?

Once you know the type of traffic that is visiting your website you will be able to adapt your message and marketing budget across all channels.

The way you do lead generation will change forever.

Companies just like yours are using intent data to generate millions in revenue and lowering their Customer Acquisition costs.

Stop wasting your time and money. Invest the right amount in each customer.

Stop wasting your budget on visitors who will not bring your company any revenue. You can now fine tune your marketing and sales efforts.

Why have sales call a lead that is still in the awareness stage?

Stop spamming. Place each visitor in the right buying stage of the funnel.

Personalize the experience for each visitor with stage specific content. You can now adapt your message to the stage they are in and choose the right channel to reach them.

Retargeting done right can generate more sales than first time visitors.

“We cut our CPA by 50% in less than 2 months.”

Mark Marker, Head of Marketing at Lecuine

That is the only data you need to optimize your marketing and sales efforts.

Increase sales by focusing on those ready to convert

You'll know exactly which 5 - 15% of your non-converting traffic you should be focusing your marketing efforts on.

This gives you clarity and access to a whole new part of the funnel.

With Negative scoring, you weed out the wanderers who will never convert: the job seekers, your competition, the content writers…


Turbocharge your lead scoring with real intent data

Traditional lead scoring is done manually with a human deciding what makes a good lead. 

Not anymore!

You can now fuel your lead scoring with the click scoring information gained from the anonymous traffic journey prior to giving you their information.

Get your sales budgeting right

Predicting revenue has never easier and more accurate.

By knowing all your visitors’ real intent, you know the revenue they will bring to your company and when.

Be smart about your engagement

Send stage specific content to your visitors:

✔right people  ✔right message ✔right time ✔right channel   

Optimise your sales team efforts. 

Send that actionable data to your marketing and sales stack.

Sync with the leading CRM and Marketing Automation 

Boost Performance of your marketing campaigns generating high performing audiences.

All your channels working together.

Improve your email & SMS Campaigns Performance

Connect Adinton with your SMS provider via API, and send a personalized SMS with stage specific content to leads ready to convert. 

Optimize your contact center queues and improve your performance.

Don't burn out your contact center team calling leads that are not going to convert.

Make 90% of the revenue with just 50% of the sales calls. 

Sync your audiences to any Ad platform


Create and launch campaigns with powerful cookie based audiences

Boost Performance of your marketing campaigns generating high performing audiences.

All your channels working together.

It generates audiences in Google, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, DSPs,.

Generate automatic audiences based on your lead Scoring.

If you already have the leads, supercharge it with intent data  and create audiences in both facebook and google ads for remarketing, lookalike audiences...

Easy and quick install for all website platforms

Algorithm updates every 24h to make sure the machine is learning from the latest data.

The most complete Marketing Optimization Suite

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