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What is the best multi-touch attribution model?

When you heard about Attribution Models probably the first question that comes to your head is “What could be the best multi-touch attribution model for my company”?

To answer this question, we should ask two more questions before:

  1. Are you a new brand or product?
  2. Do you sell a product where the purchasing process is more impulsive or do you need more than two clicks to convert?

On the first scenario, if you are a new brand/product perhaps the best Attribution Model for you would be First Interaction.

In this case, your brand is not enough popular so we will need to give the maximum weight to the channel, medium or keyword, that would have generated the beginning of each customer journey.

On the second scenario, if you need more than 2 or 3 clicks to convert, your purchase is not impulsive, we should not give the maximum weight to the first click. We will need to give a higher weight to the starter click, but we will need to balance it and give some weight to the rest of keywords or publishers that have influenced the customer journey as well.

For us, the most complete comprehensive attribution model is the Algorithmic Attribution Model, which is the most intelligent and flexible model, but you’ll need the best attribution software for measuring in real time, otherwise you will not take advantage of this kind of attribution strategy.


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