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What is Real-Time Analytics?

As we know, nowadays, we live in a constantly changing environment where many external factors (online/offline) determine the success of our marketing online campaigns. That is why it is more important than ever to have access to a real-time analytics tool to be able to take decisions as soon as something changes its direction.

What is real-time analytics?

First of all, we will need to define what is information in real time. As the words suggest, real-time information is all that data which is reported during or right after an interaction. So if you  have users on your webpage, the information will be immediately reported. All this input is collected and ends up being called “historical data” which is all the data from the past.

On the other hand, real-time analytics is the process of being able to take a decision in real time based on real time information. Real-time analytics is a dynamic process of gathering data and reporting the information for a further analysis of what is happening in that exact moment.

Depending on the industry we are working at, real-time analytics can be crucial. As for example, in an organization which sells insurances by the phone which leads have come from a previous form in an online marketing campaign, it is highly important to know in real-time to whom the call center stuff are talking to (wether they are singles or not, which kind of insurance they want or their average income), since this will be crucial to perform one or the another marketing strategy to close the deal.

Real-time analytics softwares

There are many tools available for measuring data in real time. One of the most popular for online marketing is Google Analytics. As well, you have other which information is almost immediately reported which could be Google Adwords for PPC campaigns.

Beware if you use Google Analytics to see your real-time attribution. Currently, Analytics and the Universal Analytics tags, might be showing imprecise information. Analytics might confuse visits from specific campaigns and attributed them as direct traffic. This mostly happens because Analytics counts sessions and does not count clicks.

The ultimate real-time analytics tool

To have access to real-time data is not enough. We also need a tool that enables us decision making in real time. Therefore, we need a tool that not only show us the customer journey but also facilitate us to shorter this journey by creating behavioural rules for our users.

For example, Imagine we have a tool that informs us that there is a significant number of users from PPC ads, which once they have converted, they still click on our ads. So these users keep consuming from our daily budget on PPC campaigns. We could use this same tool to group these people in a list and send them to another landing page each time they make a second click on your ad, in this way we could start a cross-selling strategy.

Moreover, there are tools that also gather information from all the traffic sources that come to your website in real time. In this way, you can take decisions based on which traffic sources generates the higher revenue or how they influence each other. Overall, by having access to real time information and being able to act in real time, can be crucial to safe time, money and even reputation.

Attribution modeling and analytics tool: Adinton

You don’t have use various tools to cover all your needs. Everything we have been naming in this article can be done with a single software. Adinton makes it easy to collect data in real time, it shows it to you as reports and graphs so you can understand what happens in each of your traffic sources and finally, it makes it easy to create behavioural rules in order to shorten your customer journey and increase revenue.


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