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What does “High Quality Lead” even mean?

The biggest struggle for every Sales Department is low quality leads. But, what is a low or high quality lead?

To make it simple, we can say that a High Quality Lead is a lead that:

  1. Need: Wants to buy our product or hire our services.
  2. Budget: They can afford our products or services.
  3. Timing: It’s the right moment to build a new professional relationship.

Nowadays there are software and technologies that can help us detect the high quality leads. This software does two things to determine if a Lead has a High or Low Quality.

1. Company Size & Job Role of the Lead:

There are a few companies that are helping their clients to understand if every new lead could be a good deal. Their algorithms take into account data such as:

  • Company size
  • Sector
  • Location
  • Employee count
  • Annual Revenue
  • Role of the person
  • Years of experience in the position
  • Team
  • Budget

This information is highly valuable in understanding the person that our Sales Team is going to talk to.

2. You also have other more behavior based algorithms, like Adinton Predictive Algorithms.

Our algorithms predict who is “Ready To Buy” based on how they navigate on your website. These algorithms take into account data such as:

  • Number Page views, visits
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages visited
  • Speed between clicks
  • Micro conversions
  • IP
  • Devices
  • User Agent
  • First click source, campaign and term
  • Middle clicks source, campaigns and terms

What is the main difference between the two prediction models?

The first model predicts if a Deal is a good deal for your company, and the second one predicts if the lead is going to buy or just benchmarking with no intention of buying.

But if you can work with both models you’ll be able to drive sales by crossing these two scores:

  • Is this deal good enough for my company?
  • Is this deal ready to buy?

What this ultimately means for your company is a solid pipeline with high quality leads with predictable revenue that makes your Sales Team happy. 

Success guaranteed!


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