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The ultimate checklist for your shopping campaigns

In this article we are going to show you the ultimate checklist of how to keep your products updated and some tips to help you improve your sales conversion.


We will proceed by reviewing all the critical points in order to take the wiser decision and optimize your product feed.

  1. What is the product identifier in the Merchant Center.
    • Explanation:
      Each of the products we currently have in ourmerchant center, are unique because of their identificator.It is like batch number where each product is a different batch, therefore, any change in this indetificator, merchant center construed that the product is news and will get a new idenfitificator.
    • Recommendation:
      If we have modified the identificator by mistake, the product willproceed with a new review process which can last between 48 and 72 working hours. Therefore, if the modification has happened during a Friday, your product will not be available until next Wednesday.
  2. How to insert the title and description in the Merchan Center for your Google Shopping campaigns.
    • Explanation:
      Both product title and description are of high importance in the performance of your Google Shopping Adwords campaings since they are both the main core for the positioning of your Shopping campaigns.
    • Recommendation:
      As you can find in the Merchant Center help center, the title should be up to 150 characters, although it is going to be shown between 70 character or even less.Therefore, if you are promoting a product which brand is not very known, then you should insteadinsert a short product description, with those search terms used by your users for a related product. On the other hand, if the brand is crucial for your product then you should use both brand and product plus a unique characteristic of your product such as the amount of kilos or liter of a specific product, the colour, the amount of ram memory…

      Regarding the description, this one has a maximium of 5.000 characters (although Merchant Center recommends to use between 500 and 1.000 characters). In the product description, if your brand is crucial for your product, then you should type again your brand and your product name. In this section it is highly recommended to be very elaborate with the description. As well as in the title, here you should also consider using search terms used by your users.pensando

  3. Where to find the Google Product and what category shoudl I use.
    • Explanation:
      When having to choose the google product category, there is a google taxonomy available which you can check in the following link:Taxonomía Google Shopping.
    • Recommendation:
      When having to add your product category, you should keep in mind that you can add more than one attribute value with a limit of 750 characters. Our recommendation is to insert categories in a tree-format, so you can have an optimal structure of our products.
  4. Difference between link and image link in the Merchant Center
    • Explicación:
      It is the url where the product and product image are located. Any modification in these two attributes will be understood by the Merchant Center as a new product, which will activate the revision of it. Hence, we recommend you to not modify these attribute if its not completely necessary.
    • Recommendation:
      You should keep in mind that the image quality and the loading time of your landing page are crucial for the quality of our product in our Google Shopping campaigns. The faster it goes and the better the quality of the image is, the better the quality score will be.
  5. What to put in the products state column in my Merchant Center
    • Explicación:
      The product state column referst o whether the product is new, used or refurbished.
    • Recommendation:
      We should categorize cada uno de nuestros productos según su estado correcto para que el usuario no tenga una mala experiencia con nuestro site.
  6. How to set my product availability in Merchant Center
    • Explanation:
      Availability is a crucial attribute for your feed, it is used to avoid uncertainty. Customer satisfaction is of high importance. The values are are able to use within the availability attribute are “in stock”, “out of stock” or “preorder”.Out-of-stock3
    • Recommendation:
      Keep in mind that is better to have a product “out of stock” rather than delete it from our product feeds. If you delete the product, the next time you want to promote it, your product will have to go trough a new verification again and therefore, it will take up to 3 working-days. If you have instead your product as “out of stock”, you will just need to modify the availability of the product and within seconds your product will be available again.
  7. Include my product price taxes in my Merchant Center
    • Explanation:
      The price attribure must include the taxes either from the country you are going to sell your products. Remember the price attribute cannot be 0 because your product will be automatically refuse from your Merchant
    • Recommendation:
      The Merchant Center feed provide us with the option of having a special offer price, and therefore, if we have to insert a new price for a special occasion, then its better to do it that way rather than modifying the current price. Keep in mind that if we are launching a dinamic remarketing campaign form a specific product, this could show the origial price crossed and with the new price highlighted, which in the end could help us to gain more conversions.
  8. What does GTIN and MPN mean?
    • Explanation:
      Every product we would like to add to our Merchant Center, usually contain a barcode. In our case that barcode is. our Gtin or Mpn.
    • Recomendations:
      This code is needed by the Merchant Center to include all the products from all those campaigns where they are active and to be able to show a price comparison by site. Without this code it is not possible to advertise on Google Shopping.
  9. What do I put in Product Brand category if my brand is not known?
    • Explanation:
      The Brand category is of high importance either if our brand is popular among our users or not
    • Recomendation:
      If we have a well-known brand, we recommend you to perform a test A/B by adding your brand name and your brand name + something else such as a characteristic of the product (no more than 70 characters)
  10. How do I know the shipping cost?
    • Explanation:
      We can add in aotherattribute the shipping cost for the country we are showing our adds to. This attribute is required, but not a must in your merchant feed, since you have as well the option to write that on the same Merchant Center –> Settings –>Send, from there we can create tables with prices depending of attributes such as price, weight, height…
    • Rcommentadion:
      Personally, we recommend you to do that under the Merchant Center since it is much easier to modify anything from there.



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