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Transformation of Microsoft adCenter for PPC Advertising

Initially, Microsoft adCenter was an application that was used for purposes of running PPC ads. This served the same purpose as Yahoo Search Marketing or Google AdWords. It has been launched as MSN adCenter, but it is now serves Bing Ads. This is after Microsoft partnered with Bing and Yahoo networks for purposes of providing a suitable PPC platform. There are so many similarities of this platform to what Google AdWords has to offer. For instance, the display of your PPC ads will be determined by a number of factors like relevance, quality score, click-through rate and so many more.

Obtaining a High Quality Score

There are a number of practices that are highly regarded by Microsoft and adhering to them would bring in a whole lot of benefits. When you have a high quality score, you will have a great opportunity to have a good return on investment. There are several ways through which you can get a better quality score and some of the vital ones include:

  • Making sure that the ads and landing pages are relevant to the matching keywords. Keyword grouping is one of the best strategies to ensure that you achieve this.
  • Segment your keywords into small keyword groups that are closely related. As far as Microsoft is concerned, it recommends groups of about 20 or less keywords.
  • You should invest in some effective keyword research tools. This will give you great insight on the popularity and ranking of the keywords that you intend to use for PPC marketing purposes. Google has a number of keyword tools that would help you in the discovery of effective keywords.
  • The use of keywords is very important and you should know where to use them effectively. Make use of your keywords in your text ads and headlines.
  • Ad testing is highly recommended so that you can establish the type of ads that are able to generate the most clicks through the adCenter.
  • Keep on updating the negative keywords so as to reduce any possible wastage in terms of the cost per click. When you have a refined list of negative keywords, you can easily use the broad match type for keyword research.
  • Using deep links will help you in establishing the specific keywords that are searched for frequently by your target audience.

If you are able to accomplish all these practices and stick to them, you will certainly have a high quality score. With a high quality score, the ad position is improved and the cost per click is significantly reduced.

Difference of adCenter and Paid Search Marketing

There are a number of conspicuous differences between this platform by Microsoft and the general paid search marketing strategies.

  1. The approval process by Microsoft is rather strict in that it will even focus on small things like grammar and spelling on your ads. Punctuation is also observed keenly and will determine if you ads get approved or not.
  2. Generally, the conversion rates are seen to be higher as opposed to what is recorded by AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. However, the impressions and click-through rate is quite low in this case.

There are so many other differences and similarities between adCenter the other forms of paid search marketing. You should compare what each has to offer before settling for a specific platform.


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