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Real-time Analytics with Adinton

Not only you can optimize your CPC bids with Adinton but also, the tool offers valuable information about your visitors in real-time and enables you to create behavioural rules to modify your users behavior.

Real-time information

With Adinton (real-time analytics tool) you can access in-detail information regarding the customer journey of your users. Therefore, you will know from where your web visitors come from as well as what have they visit in your webpage and which source has been the last they have visited before a convertion. Moreover, you can filter the data by “only clicks”, “clicks and conversions” and “conversions only” as well as for traffic sources.

analitica en tiempo real

By having access to this kind of information you are able to investigate and detect all those fraudulent clicks from a particular traffic source. As well, as you can see in the picture above, Adinton stores information such as IP, email and other information for your own use. Based on this and on the historical data stored by Adinton, you can proceed to activate the following behavioural rules (automation rules):

  •  Adinton Rules
  • Keyword Rules
  • Click Rules
  •  Conversion Rules
  • Landing Page


The automation rules work with real-time data. Therefore, there can be a real-time impact on the user behavior.


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