Boost your Marketing Performance

Invest money on the visitors that are willing to convert. Boost your ROI.

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You will know exactly which 20% of your visitors are making 80% of your Revenue


Segment your visitors based on "Propensity to Buy"

Segment A are visitors closer to convert and Segment F are visitors that are not going to convert.

Segment A+B are making almost 80% of the Revenue with just 15% of your website visitors

Generate High Performance Cross Channel Audiences Automatically


Create & Feed Cross Channel Audiences of your best client and potential buyers.

Boost Performance of your marketing campaigns generating high performing audiences.

All your channels working together

95% of your visitors are not going to buy.

Recover lost purchases with Smart Marketing Cross Channel Campaigns.

Generate automatic audiences Cross Channel ads based on your user Scoring.

We go beyond scoring and we make it "actionable": It generates audiences in Google, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, DSPs,... Get more traffic from your best clics and dodge those who are "just" watching.

You are in Good Company:


Improve your email & SMS Campaigns Performance

Connect Adinton with your SMS provider via API, and send a personalized SMS just to those leads that really have interest to convert.

Optimize your contact center queues and improve your performance.

Don't burn out your contact center team calling leads that are not going to convert.

Adinton will analyze the behavior of your buyers and non-buyers visitors and will create behavior patterns (17 days). 


Scoring Algorithms based on the Customer Journey

Our algorithms analyze the user’s behaviors, what page they consult, what lead magnets they consume and with this information we create patterns of user-buyers that allows the Lead Scoring categorizations, even if the Lead has filled a form yet. Click Scoring...


Segment your visitors depending on Propensity to Convert.

You'll know which 5% - 15% of your non-converting traffic you must focus your marketing efforts.

Algorithms tests in realtime and auto check how much effective is

Our Algorithms are recalculated every 24 hours. All kind of changes on your site, business, sector or competitors will be kept in mind.

Detect the channels that generates Leads & Clicks with buying intention

Adinton measures the attribution cross channel and cross domain. Easily detect the channels, keywords, SEO URL that generates more and most qualified leads. Click on Scoring and Attribution Software.

Maximize results with Automatic Bidding on Google.

Once the system knows how they are and how your best clicks behave, you must generate more volume. More volume at equal quality is sure success. Automate bids, budget, keyword research ...

Maximum power to generate traffic

Get the maximum benefit of your data and predict the probability of closure. Accelerate your sales process at the right time.

Work smartly and automate with machine learning.

Ready to work with, super-easy implementation:

In less than 5 minutes Adinton will be working on your site.

The most complete Marketing Optimization Suite

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