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PPC Keyword Analysis

How do improve the performance of my keywords without spending so much time on it? In this post, I’m going to give you tips and advice of how to optimize your time when it comes to keywords performance analysis . By applying a very easy ppc keywords analysis, you are going to be able to take the most of what you have and go beyond that.

What is a PPC keyword analysis?

A PPC keyword analysis is, as its name suggests, an analysis performed on the keywords we got on our PPC campaigns. This type of analysis is performed to identify both, those keywords which are given us the greater benefit and those keywords which are making us waste our budget. By applying this kind of analysis we are going to be able to find new search terms for our ad groups as well as new ad groups to separate our current keywords in more related-theme groups.

When should I perform ppc keyword analysis?

This kind of analysis should be apply on a weekly basis, but of course it all depends on the volume of your clicks and impressions. The greater is the volume, the more information you can get and the greater the benefit when performing this type of analysis.

Where do I start if I want to perform a ppc keyword analysis?

Luckily for us, there are several ways of performing this kind of analysis. You could use the same tools you use to create PPC campaigns such as Bing Ads, Yandex or Google or even web analytics softwares such as Analytics or Métrica. As well, there are other tools that even have specific sections dedicated to ppc keyword analysis such as  Adinton.

Starting from the beginning…

So we have the tool. Now… what do we do? Well, we have to be very straight forward so we do not waste our time. Therefore, I am proposing you the following reports to help you optimize your PPC campaigns and improve the performance of your keywords.

  • The first report I am going to propose is related to cpc bids. A report that shows us those keywords which bids are too low for the performance they are having. For performance, I mean the conversion ratio, average position, quality score… With all this information, we can create filters in our PPC campaigns and increase the bid of all those keywords that meet our conditions set. By applying this bid improvement, we can expect an increment of our average position and our conversion rate as well as ctr.
Report: Keywords with low CPC

Report: Keywords with low CPC

  • A very useful report is as well the one that shows us those keywords which is bid is too high from our CPC and CPA goal and therefore they are spending too much. Sometimes we try and experiment with increasing bids on a particular keyword but if the results does not come together with this increment then we should totally be aware of those keywords. By applying this filter we could identify those keywords and either lowering their bids or pause them from the ad groups they belong to.
  • In the same way, we could create a report with filters to identify those keywords which spending is much higher that the CPA goal. Once identified, we can “clean” them and therefore pause, delete or add as negative in our ad groups and campaigns.  This is a very powerful report, specially when you have started a new campaign with lots of broad match keywords.

On the other hand, there are tools which through a keyword analysis of your own keywords, are able to investigate and find new related keywords that could help you increase the number of impressions. Following some of my fav tools:

  • Semrush. This tool allows you to view data from your competitors (cpc bids, keywords, ad texts…) All this info can be downloaded so we can work with it and for example use all those keywords related to your product that your competitor is using and you don’t yet.
  • Keyword Planner. Located in Google Adwords, this tool gives you estimation of searches for specific keywords or can even suggests you new keywords and ad groups based on the information of your landing page.
  • Google Adwords. Adwords shows us search terms that have trigged our ads. From there, we can discover new  keywords to add either as positive or negative in our campaigns. Applying new keywords which come from search terms is a great practice to increase your CTR!
  • Adinton: Adinton is capable of generating automatic keyword research as well as negative keyword research and search terms research. Moreover, we can add those suggested keywords from the same platform to our PPC accounts such as Google Adwords. All in a single platform and in a very intuitive way.

The ultimate PPC keyword analysis tool

If what you want to have all those reports I have been talking before, in a single platform. As well as being able to apply changes and upload them to your PPC platform, Adinton is your tool!

PPC keywords optimization with Adinton

PPC keywords optimization with Adinton

Adinton has all what you need to optimize your keywords in a very user friendly way. Currently, Adinton counts with up to five features that will help you improve your PPC keywords ratios.

  • Underbidded. Find those keywords which CPC could be higher to get better results.
  • Overbidded. Identify those keywords which CPC is higher from what you need to meet your PPC goals.
  • Post Conversion. Find out which keywords keep having clicks even after the user has ended up converting in your page. (Adinton is capable to go beyond that and modify this behaviour with the Adinton rules)
  • Search Terms. Research from those keywords with more conversions and their search terms.
  • Negative Keywords. Identifies those keywords that should be added as negative since their performance is affecting your global data.
  • Keyword Research. Keyword research based on the best performing keywords you got.

Adinton is capable of gather all these information because of the Adinton Algorithm. The Adinton software examines your global goals (Budget, CPC, CPA, Conversion goal…) and also takes into account what is happening in your campaigns in real-time. Thus, Adinton is capable of showing you reports which facilitates your tasks when optimizing PPC marketing campaigns. As well, from the same platform you are able to modify changes and upload them directly to your PPC platform. With Adinton a task that can take hours and hours of your time, can be reduce by more than half!


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