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The new generation of online marketing agencies has arrived with Adinton

Adinton has decided to break from the traditional fee model. We take into consideration our customer needs and therefore, we have fix a ceiling for service. No matter how much you invest, Adinton’s fee will never increase.

Traditional Online Marketing Agency

It is often the case that agencies use traditional marketing fee system. This one consist on a fixed service cost + variable cost per service. Therefore, the more you invest, the more you will have to pay to the agency. This system assumes that the more you invest, the more time the agency will have to spent on working on your accounts.

Digital Marketing Agencies: The New Generation

Adinton has decided to adapt to the market needs and fix a ceiling to our fee. 1.030€/month +10% from the investment up to 4.850€. In case our fee exceeds that amount, you will only be charged 4.850€/month.

How are we capable of setting those fees?

  • More than 10 years of experience working on online marketing

Hundreds of optimized accounts both nationally and internationally. Hundreds of satisfied customers. We have experience working in all traffic sources (Affiliation, PPC, Social Media, Emailing…)  as well as in many sectors (banking, motor, education, animal feed, insurances…) We apply or experience and expertise (Google Partners and Yandex Certificates) in order to save time and optimize results.

  • Our own technology for autobidding and attribution modeling.

With our attribution modeling & bid management software, we are capable of being independent from any other tool and work with our own technology. Adinton offers features such as auto bidding, personalized reporting, ppc campaigns creator, consumer behaviour insights… All those options enable us to save in additional costs and let us reduce our fee. Last year, the autobidding tool from Adinton has been rewarded as one of the four best softwares at the European Search Awards 2015.

  • We are efficient in managing online campaigns.

With the Adinton technology we are able to create automated rules for your PPC campaigns (Adwords, Bing, Facebook…), with that we can save time so we can invest it on other optimization tasks.

  • Optimization of the time spent.

Based on our experience, we know that after X working hours spent, it is not possible to achieve a better performance. The Adinton technology, enable us to continue generate positive results, increasing profitability and improving your statistics results… Adinton is constant and delivers results week by week, month by month. Here you can read some of the most successful case studies.

New generation:

results/efforts graph.

Results/Efforts graph.

  • We have all your marketing costs under control.

From Adinton we can visualize, analyze and improve our online marketing efforts from each of the traffic source tracked. All in a very simple and fast way. With the Adinton technology we are able of reduce costs and shorten the time in which you begin to see results. All our efforts are focused on being profitable within the shorter period possible.

Remember when the “low cost” airlines came out? Do not be surprised that an agency with so much experience and with its own technology is offering such a way of doing things.

Contact us and so we can explain to you how we work  😉


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