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New Adinton v2. WebAnalytics and Optimization

What are the updates in the new  Adinton Version 2.0??

We’re delighted to share all the improvements that we’ve made in the new version of   Adinton with you. We’re working extremely hard to provide one of the most sophisticated and scalable tools that you can find anywhere in the market.

New Adinton has been built on a premise: SCALABILITY.

Our experience developing Adinton during this last year has been positive and useful for us. We’ve learnt from the needs, experiences, challenges and goals of our clients and friends, and though each client has slightly different needs, there was one common problem or challenge that everyone had, namely scalability.

What does scalability mean?

It means the constant need to update your stats, to change your goals depending on how the world and your users are moving and evolving.

5 years ago

  • it didn’t really matter how much traffic you were getting from mobile devices, today it’s a must.
  • it didn’t matter if you changed your adwords bids once a week, today if you aren’t working in real time you risk losing your competitive advantage.
  • it didn’t matter if your users started the path to conversion  from Adwords and finished by Direct traffic, today if you don’t know exactly (and in real time) what your real CPA is you’re lost.

Today, Adinton provides their customers with 3 incredibly important solutions:

  • Multitouch & Cross Device: You’ll know in real time, yes! we’ve said real time, (because near-real time can already  be too late), the attribution model of all your channels, it doesn’t matter if the customer journey started with an iphone and ended via desktop with Ubuntu, or even if the conversion was finalized with your call center. ALL the information is there in Real Time.
  • Real time technology: IF we can analyze the customer journey in real time, we can execute recommendations and bid rules in real time as well. Adinton is one of the only platforms that can execute Auto Bidding rules in real time, every single minute if you need it. How can we do that? it’s easy, the data is stored and processed on our own servers. Adinton doesn’t need  to rely on third party stats , we already have it “covered”.
  • Future Creators: We listen to you, tell us what you need and we’ll create it! Tell us what kind of report you need, and if this report might be useful for other clients, we’ll develop it for free. Just tell us what would make life easier for you?

List  of “Upgrades” in the new Adinton V2:

  • Calculating the customer journey, regardless of whether it’s cross device or with offline conversions (call centre) in REAL TIME.
  • Bid management for Adwords in REAL TIME (every minute).
  • Rules Manager: Will allow clients to create their own “personalized” optimization rules in Adwords.
  • New stats: New Customers, Recurring Customers
  • 1 Pixel: For all those clients who have multisites + microsites + TPV or a booking engline you will now only need 1 single pixel to be able to measure and track all your traffic.
  • Superior/enhanced graphics and greater flexibility in creating dashboards/reports.


Schedule a DEMO right now.

This is only the beginning!! What else is coming next???

  • Rules to optimize Display and Google Shopping campaigns
  • Facebook Campaign Creator
  • Adwords Campaign Creator.
  • TV, Radio & Display Attribution!

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