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Linear Attribution Model

The linear attribution model is a conversion attribution model by which the conversion value is assigned to all the campaigns, mediums or keywords that have participated generating the conversion, proportionally.

The linear attribution model is not used by default in almost all the Web Analytics Tools, like Google Analytics. Normally the Analytics Solutions have a multi-touch attribution modeling reports, where you can compare different attribution models.

linear attribution

The linear model is appropriate for conversions which are not impulse buying without a consideration phase. This attribution model is one of the best who work with because assign to all the participants in getting the conversion a proportion of the conversion.

If you are working in a very competitive market, where the decision is not taken easily and where the users have to do more than one click to make the conversion, linear Attribution is one of the best attribution models for your business.

Other Multi-tocuh models: First Interaction, Last Click Attribution, Time DecayAlgorithmic Attribution


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