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Last click attribution

The last click attribution model is a conversion attribution model by which the 100% of the conversion is assigned to the last campaign, medium or keyword  that participated just before of a conversion is done.

The last click attribution model is used by default in almost all the Web Analytics Tools, like Google Analytics. Normally the Analytics Solutions have a multi-touch attribution modeling reports, where you can compare different attribution models.

last click attribution

If you work normally with Last Click Attribution Model your are giving 100% of the value of the conversion to the last click, as we said before; so the other channels are not taken into consideration or given importance. If you are a new brand, and nobody knows about your producto, web or brand, this attribution model is not reflecting the reality of your company.

The last click model is appropriate for conversions which are impulse buying without a consideration phase or you are a well known brand, with a lot of branded traffic or direct traffic.

It’s known wrongly, direct traffic are not taken into account for last click attribution. In Google Analytics normal reports if the last click is direct it’snt counted, but if you access to Attribution Modeling Reports, the direct traffic is counted and assigned to Direct. So, we have to keep in mind that our conversion data can be different in depending what report we are analyzing.

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