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Is click fraud illegal?

Is Click Fraud Illegal

Click fraud is a type of fraud that occurs on the internet, basically on PPC websites when users start registering fake or unethical clicks over a particular website. The website having low immunity or technological difficulties start registering the clicks as legit and generate the rewards. Hence, people when dealing with click fraud administers a logical feeling and take legality into the question; Is click fraud illegal?

Legal or Not

Different countries carry different sentences for the online frauds taking place while at many regions people are sentenced to the wire fraud not as click fraud. Wire fraud takes into consideration the financial legalities and frauds that take place on online channels. Wire fraud carries a minimum sentence of 20 years but no click fraudster is ever prosecuted as the wire fraud.

So, the simple answer is that click fraud may not be illegal until the money or finance is not involved, but when it comes to rob the website off their finances you may end up with fraud charges over your head. The fraudulent clicks render the websites or advertisement organization of millions of dollars.

Let us have a clear eye view about that how click fraud actually takes place;

  1. When you go over the search engines and start typing a particular keyword you get various search results. When you click on a particular website the advertisement cycle starts. Unless you don’t intentionally click over an advertisement your activity may not be seem authorized, illicit organizations and people can commit click fraud. The process is initiated by depriving you from the main activity over your browser and taking control normally bots or computer scripts take part here and you don’t even know what happened. You unintentionally start clicking on their ads, fraudulent organization makes money using you and you along with the website becomes a victim of click fraud.

This is pretty much how a fraud click is carried out, while on other occasions these computer hosted scripts find loopholes in those websites which are not properly protected by a click fraud tool or software. Lack of proper ad screening and other user activity over a website are the main causes of a fraud illegal action.

Click Fraud is a Plague to the online world

As discussed earlier that click fraud may not be registered as illegal action, though advertisers and policy makers must take plausible actions to manage this utterly disgraceful behavior.

Pay per click advertisement along with other paid advertisement falls victim of the click fraud, and burning out completely their advertising budgets.

Drastic effects of fraud clicks

Fraud clicks leave behind the traces of ultimate financial loss, organizations deprived of their finances and money playing in the laps of wrong and fraud people. Some other substantial effects of click fraud are as follows;

  • Unsupervised progression of the click fraud stunts the growth of online business, investors not only lose their money but also lose their substantial trust over a website integrity. Click Fraud also increase the average conversion cost; it means that if before a website had to invest as low as $5 on startup now the same rate has gone to 15-20$ thanks to click fraud and profit decreases eventually. It also steals the essential layout or data websites incorporate into making worthy and outstanding advertisement thus corrupting the online advertisement business. Millions of dollars just disappear in the thin air and the integrity of the system fails.

No matter how we contemplate the click fraud the bottom line is that a law or proper policy should be administered to stop this illicit activity over the internet. Gather against the click fraud and eliminate this bad factor from the internet altogether.


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