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What is the best way to structure an international multi-market PPC campaign?

So, you are planning on launching an international multi-market PPC campaign and you don’t know how to start? In this article we are going to give you some advice and tips to create a successful ppc online marketing campaign.

Which structure should I give to my international multi-market PPC campaign?

First of all, you are going to ask yourself how big is each of the international campaigns and how much budget you got for them. The bigger the budget the more you can structure your campaigns and the more time you will need to analyze and optimize them. Therefore, if you consider that you have enough budget for each country and you will be able to split it, we suggest you to create separate accounts. Just make sure that you have different landing page for each of those accounts, otherwise Google will penalize you and can even block your accounts.

This is not going to be our case though, if we are asking about having a single account with different campaigns is because our budget does not allow us to play freely. So, we have a single account and we have to choose how to structure it.

Business goal for multi-market campaign

The most important thing in order to create a successful multi-market campaign is to have your Google Adwords account goal clear.

  • Are you selling the same product in all the countries?
  • What is the optimal cost per conversion?
  • Have the conversions or leads the same value among all countries?

Depending on your business goals you are going to be structuring your campaigns in one way or another. But one thing is common and is that we have to have the same goals for a same campaign, otherwise we won’t be able to analyze and optimize afterwards.

Creating a multi-market Adwords account.

We suggest you to create as many campaigns as countries you have. For a better understanding of all the possibilities you have, we are going to give some of the most common examples of anyone using Google Adwords or another platform such as Bing or Yandex to advertise to many countries.

Multi-market campaign structure.

We are an e-commerce and we are selling three products to four different countries. To start, we will create four campaigns since we are aiming to sell in four countries. Regarding adgroups, we can add as many adgroups as products we are selling, in our case 3 adgroups per campaign. The first campaign structure will look this way:


multi-market campaign structure

Within the campaign settings we will choose our country and language, by doing that, later we will be able to analyze which country performs better. As well, by using this kind of configuration we will be sure that our ads and landing page will be display in the language our users speak. As you might see already, this is a very limited structure since it force us to add all sort of keywords with no choice of optimizing in each of the adgroups. Still, it is a very valid option if you budget is very tight and you have to launch an international ppc campaign.

In a couple of weeks, when you have enough data to analyze and optimize we suggest you to create additional adgroups so you can create new adgroups with themed-related keywords and in this way increase your quality score.


Advance multi-market campaign structure

An even more advance option that we should consider after some weeks, could be to create campaigns with the adgroups we have created in the previous modification. By doing that, we can add negative keywords to the campaigns so our keywords do not compete with each other and we can keep optimizing and discovering new search terms in a more controlled environment.


Advance multi-market ppc campaign structure II

As you can see in the picture above, if your brand is well known or a least you know that your competitors are bidding for your branded keyword, you can create either an adgroup from your brand + your product name or even create an specific campaign for your brand and add your products below as adgroups. Let’s check the example:


Advance multi-market ppc campaign structure III

As well, we will keep having our other campaigns for France with its generic search terms. It all depends how deep we want to go and can go. Because it happens that most of the times we would like to go further but the budget does not allow us to do so. The more campaigns we have, the more we will need to split our budget. We have to be careful with that because otherwise we will end up having less traffic that we once had.

As you have seen, there are many factors that we have to consider to decide which structure will suit us better. Our advice is: first do something simple and easy and later, once you have gathered data, start optimizing.




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