Intent Marketing Software

Turn anonymous traffic into predicted revenue


95% of your visitors are not going to buy. Focus on the 5% and Increase Sales.

Recover lost sales opportunities with Cross Channel Marketing Campaigns.

Apply Predictive Algorithms in Real Time on your site visitors

Take advantage of Machine Learning and predict and detect which users are ready to convert.

Go further than your competitors launching more sophisticated and profitable marketing campaigns.

Predict which of your visitors are ready to buy and increase sales.

The way you do marketing will change forever.

Let the buying intent data from the anonymous traffic behavior fuel your sales funnel.

This is a new way of doing it and it is generating millions of new revenue for companies just like a lower cost.


Detect which visitors are ready to buy.

Predict your anonymous visitors’ real intent and the revenue they will bring to your company.

Place each visitor in the right buying stage of the funnel. Detect who is ready to buy and who is at a later stage of the buying process.

Your traffic neatly organized by the value they will bring to the company. 

Without doing a thing!

Segment your visitors depending on Propensity to Convert.

You'll know which 5% - 15% of your non-converting traffic you must focus your marketing efforts.


Unlock sales opportunities hide behind each click on your site.

Intent Data by Source, Campaigns & Terms

What kind of traffic is each channel generating? Users ready to buy? curious people? informational stage? benchmarking?

Once you know what kind of traffic is visiting your site you will be able to adapt your message or move your marketing budget cross channel.

Score your Leads and your Clicks

Go beyond lead scoring. Manage your own click scoring and detect which channel are going to be your most profitable channels.

Don't lose more sales opportunities. Remarket those users ready to buy but they are not a lead yet.

Stop wasting your time and money on people who will not purchase.

You now have the data to optimize your marketing and sales efforts

Stop Burn your Brand, Budget and Visitors

Remarket those users that want to be remarked, send emails or sms to those users that are ready to see your offer.

Fully Actionable DATA to all your CRM, Marketing Automation Tools and Ad Platforms


Create & Feed Cross Channel Audiences of your best client and potential buyers.

Boost Performance of your marketing campaigns generating high performing audiences.

All your channels working together

Generate automatic audiences Cross Channel ads based on your user Scoring.

We go beyond scoring and we make it "actionable": It generates audiences in Google, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Outbrain, Taboola, DSPs,... Get more traffic from your best clics and dodge those who are "just" watching.

Improve your email & SMS Campaigns Performance

Connect Adinton with your SMS provider via API, and send a personalized SMS just to those leads that really have interest to convert.

Optimize your contact center queues and improve your performance.

Don't burn out your contact center team calling leads that are not going to convert.

The right message in the right moment at the right people in the right channel

The right message in the right moment at the right people in the right channel. Accelerate your sales.

Work smartly and automate with machine learning.

Ready to work with super-easy implementation:

The most complete Marketing Optimization Suite

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