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We’re Hiring: PHP Developer, mongodb and laravel

About Us:

We are a small company with big dreamers located in Barcelona. We are developing and selling a rule breaker software (adinton.com).

We are just making something as easy as count every single click that every person is doing in the ads (seo, ppc, social networks, direct,…) and inside of the website of our clients. Then we organise this information for getting the most powerful insights. We just inform to our clients where and how much they have to invest in their online marketing campaigns for getting the maximum profit. Easy, isn’t it?

Probably we are the cool-less, ninja-less or jedi-less company in the world, and it doesn’t matter, but we are so happy and proud of what we do and especially we are so proud of helping our customers to break the rules of marketing.

At the moment online marketing tools and campaigns are proprietary of the big companies. The bigger you are the better tools and better campaigns you’ll get. We want to break this rule, we want to offer the best tool with affordable price, one that will allow every company with their own team to achieve any kind of goal. We want to “democratize” the High Value Stats.

Who are we looking for?

In words of our CTO: 

The requirement is for a hands-on developer who shall be involved in the actual coding & development and deployment of a revolutionary tool on the marketing online market.

The key requirements for the position are:

  1. Minimum 2 years of web development experience using LAMP technologies.
  2. Should be comfortable working in PHP Laravel MVC frameworks.
  3. Any experience with MongoDB is a big plus.
  4. Hands-on developer – current role should involve coding and development and not primarily project management.
  5. Write clean, optimized, bug free code and ensure coding quality meets industry standards.
  6. Highly motivated and works with minimum supervision and remote location.
  7. Knowledge in designing and exposing client API using REST / SOAP.
  8. Strong SQL development skills writing fine-tuned queries, stored procedures, triggers etc. and design skills (data normalization, foreign key constraints, indexes, etc.)
  9. Experience in Agile / Scrum is also a plus.
  10. Positive attitude to security and knowledge of security standards

Must have skills: PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, HTML, JavaScript, GitHub, JIRA, MongoDB, APIs (google, Facebook, twitter…) In words of one of our Developers:

  1. I would like a partner like a Swiss Army knife: to configure the test environment and put a marquee on the web
  2. Creative: contributing with feasible and simple solutions but also crazy and ambitious solutions.
  3. Preferably a live person, but who likes the music of dead musicians.
  4. Competitive, but in the strava accumulate less miles than I, or slower …

What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for someone who works fast and smart.
  • We need someone who have previously worked remotely with excellent writing and communication skills.
  • We need someone completely autonomous and self motivated, who can organise their time as they want but having JIRA empty at the end of the day.
  • We are located in Barcelona, but you can work from where you wish 🙂

This is an excellent opportunity to live the grow of a local startup to something really great and fun! We already have clients form Spain, Italy, France, East Europe Countries, Canada, Ireland and US. We’re currently focused to make our clients base stronger for a secure expansion.

If you want to enjoy our family and share our adventure, send me an email to jobs [at] adinton [dot] com, with your CV or your personal story, linkedin, github…

I hope to see you soon 🙂

Rafa Jimenez | CEO Adinton Technologies


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