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Floodlight conversion track

The Floodlight conversion tracking code is an optional feature of DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) which enables advertisers to capture and report who have visited their website after clicking or viewing one of the advertiser’s ads.

What is a Floodlight tag?

A floodlight tag is an invisible image pixel created by DoubleClick and added to the DCM ads and the advertiser’s webpage.

What can I use floodlight for?

Floodlight is a conversion tag that helps you determine how effective an online marketing campaign has been in terms of activity and sales from the users that have landed in the advertiser’s web page after viewing or clicking one of the advertiser’s ads. There are two measures that floodlight can report, the counter activity such as conversions and the sales activity, which is the monetary amount of those conversions. It is highly important to understand that the information recorded by this tag will depend on the kind of configuration and the location of those tags within the advertiser’s webpage.

How does floodlight work?

Firstly, a user has to be impacted by our ads and either view it or click on it so DoubleClick can give a cookie to that user (if he doesn’t already have one). Afterwards, the same user will visit our webpage and decide to either convert or not. Within this process, the user will be checked for his cookie to see if he has had a previous interaction with our ad. Either way, this page view will be counted as a post-impression activity. Following, the same user decides to convert, after the thank you page he will be taken to a webpage confirming his purchase/action. The tag will activate again and check that the user has the cookie already inserted or not. If the user has the DoubleClick cookie, this interaction will be counted as a second post-impression activity.

In the end, the advertiser will be able to generate a report with all the process a user has gone through before ending up as a conversion.

How do I insert the floodlight tag?

First of all we will need to get some special permissions such as the agency manager permission and a user profile in DCM. Following, we have to create at least one floodlight activity group.

Next, we will need to go under the tab that displays all data for all the advertiser’s engine accounts. From there, we will click apply to display all those accounts. Following, we click on the Floodlight activities > New floodlight activity button > then we will have to name this activity (the name needs to reflect the activity tracked). We will proceed by going to expected URL and enter the URL of the webpage we want to track. Afterwards, we will select the floodlight activity in the activity group list and click save.

Once this is done, we will proceed with installing the tags on our website. To be able to copy paste the code we will have to go to Floodlight activity > click edit and select edit details, then we just need to copy the tag and paste it into the webpage we want to track between the <body> and </body> as close to the top of the page as possible. If you have Google Tag Manager you can follow the instructions here.

Other things to know about floodlight tags

  • It is known that floodlight tags have a minimal effect on the page load time. Although, if you use a third-party pixel, it could effect the load time of your website.
  • If you use a third-party service, you might find discrepancies between conversions since floodlight counts unique users interactions each 24h.

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