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Facebook Ads, where do I start?

As we might know, we can launch PPC campaigns out of search engines, so we could run a PPC campaign in Facebook for instance. The main advantage of Facebook  is that right now is still one of the biggest social media platforms. Moreover, with Facebook we are able to target our audience in a more detailed way. In order to invest and run a Facebook ads campaign, we should have a clear idea of our target and our CPA goal since, in order to invest in this platform is recommended to have an important budget to invest. So once, we know our audience and our CPA goal, how and where do we start?

What do we need to run a Facebook Ads campaign?

First of all,  we need to create a Facebook page if we have not done that already.  By doing that, we will be able to interact with our audience.

facebook 11

Second, we need to define our campaign KPI and goals. What do we want to obtain by running a Facebook Ads campaign? What is our goal? Facebook gives us the following options:

facebook 1

With Facebook Ads, we can choose between different types of campaign objectives and target them to the audience we choose. As you have seen in the previous picture, there are up to 10 campaign goals you can measure with Facebook Ads. We are going to proceed to explain the most common ones for achieving a lead or a sale.

  • Sent people to your website: By that you will be able to bring relevant traffic to your site based on your marketing strategy.
  • Increase conversions on your website: With this option you can bring relevant traffic to your website but also you will be able to measure your conversion goals ( sales, newsletter, etc). In order to measure the data, you will need to add a pixel to your website so Facebook can track those conversions.
  • Reach people near your business: By geotagging your ads, you will be able to show your ads to that audience who is near your business. This option is very useful if you are a restaurant for instance.
  • Get people to claim your offer: With this option you can create personalize offers to your audience so they can use them in your physical shop or online.

Choose your audience

Facebook Ads allows us to target our campaigns and adgroups in a very detailed way so we avoid waisting our budget in low-quality traffic. In this section we have to select all that audience we believe is our target audience so we can show our ads to them.

facebook 2

  • Locations: From here we have up to 4 options of how to use location to target our audience. First of all we have “Everyone in this location”. Secondly “people who live in this location”. Thirdly “people recently in this location” and lastly “people travelling in this location”
  • Age: Age of our audience
  • Gender: Gender of our audience
  • Language: The language of our audience. Here we can press on “more demographics” and we will see a list of options where we can segment our audience even more. From here we can select their educational level or even their marital status.

facebook 22

  • Interests: Facebook looks for the intestests of our audience by taking into account their likes and view pages.
  • Behaviour: From here we can reach our audience based on their buying behaviour or the kind of device they use to navigate.
  • More categories: Large categories created by Facebook.
  • Connections: We can reach that audience with a specific connection to our Facebook page, event or app.

How much do we want to spend?

From here we can select either our daily budget or our total budget for our Facebook Ads campaigns. As well, Facebook gives us the option to optimize our bids in 3 different ways. The first one is to show our ads to that audience that is more likely to click on our ads with the lowest cost possible. The second option is that Facebook prints our ads as many times as possible so we can impact to the largest amount of public possible. The last option is that Facebook will show our ads once per day to a unique user, so we spam our audience.

facebook 3

Ads creation

Facebook provides us with plently of options for customizing our ads. As well, on the right side we have a preview of our ads which will help us visualize what our audience will see in the end.

facebook 4

Top 5 Tips for Facebook Ads

  1. When you decide to create a campaign with a special offer. Try to take advantage of you giving a discount, so you can get in exchange something useful such an email. Moreover, we recommend you to first test this kind of campaign with your Facebook fans and if it works, increase your target.
  2. Do not forget that a vast majority of the audience comes via mobile devices. Therefore, you should have your landing page optimze for mobiles.
  3. A/B testing. Perform A/B testing with your ads as well as your landing pages.
  4.  Remarketing audience with Facebook
  5. Use remarketing audience from another sources in your Facebook campaigns.

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