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Facebook Ads campaign creation and custom audiences with Adinton

facebook ads with Adinton

Facebook ads with Adinton

The Adinton team is very pleased to announce our latest improvement. Our goal and mission has always been to facilitate online marketing professionals tasks by optimizing online marketing processes so the saved time can be reused to keep improving their marketing strategies.

Adinton is a bid management & attribution modeling tool which aims is to optimize online marketing tasks. From now on, you can create your Facebook Ads with the Adinton Facebook Ads creator. All in a very simple and easy way that will help you save time. Besides, you’ll be able to create custom audiences and save them in your portfolio to use them whenever you need them.

With Adinton, you’ll get access to reports which have been created specially for measuring your Facebook ads efforts and soon (very soon) you will be able to activate the automated rules for Facebook ads by Adinton.

FacebookAds Campaign creation with Adinton

Facebook Ads Campaign creation with Adinton

Finally, as you already know, Adinton can measure the real attribution from your marketing channels. All the information needed to take marketing decisions in a single software. Stop wasting your money on channels that does not convert or help in the conversions process.

What are you waiting to test our latest improvement? Contact your Account Manager or send a message to us.


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