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Eliminate click fraud

Eliminate Click Fraud

Many PPC (paid per click) websites along with Google AdWords suffer from a severe cyber threat which does not only rob them millions of dollars but also interfere with their operation. Yes, we are talking about none other than the “Click Frauds”.

What is a Click Fraud

It is the intention of repeatedly clicking over an online advertising to draw the revenue from the host website or from the advertisers even if you have already collected one time reward for that particular advertisement.

Click fraud is a serious threat when it comes to the financing of the ads and their presence over the online channels. Even google ads tend to be a victim of the click fraud yet they have a sophisticated technology for click fraud detection. So, the question arises that how one can eliminate click fraud? And a more important one that is it possible to prevent it all together without click fraud detection?

Let us have a more specific look over the matter on how we can eliminate click fraud;

  1. Beware of your competitors

The more critical factor to determine when it comes to reducing the click fraud is to conclusively know your competition, what PPC websites are betting against you and what their area of exposure is for the customers. And who else shows up when you enter your specific keywords over a search engine. After this, you can easily use a tool or software to eliminate the possible risk of click fraud and strengthen your keywords over online channels.

2. Limit your exposure

For plausible fraud prevention, you must limit your exposure and only place your ads among the countries or customers you trust. Those countries which have low labour rates or finically unstable has more risk of turning into a substantial source for the fraudulent clicks.

3. Target high-value sites

There is no need to spread your ad campaign to every possible website you see fit; chances are that you will just be entering into a den of thieves. When you choose high-value sites over low-value ones, you eliminate the risk of the bots or computer scripts that automatically tag your website and star their vicious cycle.

4. Fraud Prevention software

These type of soft wares are verified and tested against their substantial effect over fraud clicks. Not only they analyses every single click made on your ad but also keep track of the activity taking place over your website. Whenever a click is registered over an ad, this software or tools analyses the source of the tick by verifying the IP address.

If a remittance of already paid reward is found in this search, the tool will automatically drop the further request of the finical rewards and will also eliminate the source through your system by the IP exclusions. In the next future, any type of click made through this specific IP address will be registered as invalid and will also prevent their enter on any other content of the website.


These were various click fraud software which you can use to eliminate any source of the fraud clicks from your systems. But if you fail to witness any plausible results then you can also use another or better-equipped SEO tool to change your presence over online channels altogether. These click frauds rob the organisations of millions of dollars that is why we should put an end to their source; these software will genuinely help you along with various tips mentioned above to tackle the fraud clicks.



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