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Data Driven Attribution in Google Adwords & Analytics

Recently I receive the news that Google Adwords is going to work intensively in the Attribution models based in Data Driven. Model in which we base our Marketing Attribution tool, Adinton

Google is being working on Data Driven model since 2.013, but only Google Analytics Premium had access to it.

Our reaction to these news, we can summarize in Jason´s Lemkin tweet, Saastr Founder


Here is the Twitter account of Jason Lemkin.

For us it is a real pride to see how the “Big Companies” follow the path we choose 3 years ago, or maybe we choose theirs.

Honestly, I don´t care.

Yesterday I explained to a friend, that it is not a matter if our system is better than attribution model of Google or any other competitor. The key is that we make it different and for many online businesses we fit perfectly in their online sales strategies.

We created a measurement system that it was not easy to understand and even we didn´t know how to explain it three years ago. As we were not Google or didn´t have “Pedigree”, our potential customers were tremendously demanding with us. For example:

  1. One image like this, in our case our customers will never allow it:


And this message the Big Google shows you (It´s not an irony, just admiration)

We are not only able to calculate the attribution cross device, cross domain, and calculate the attribution journey by journey, we are even able to do that in real time, independently of your traffic volume or if you have spikes because you appear on TV.

  1. Data imbalance

If our data did not match with Google Analytics, “Obviously” we were wrong. And even considering our system was audited by a Third Party

Before the questions:

¿What do you feel when Google the “Big” creates a product like the one we already have?

I proud of my team, my people and what we have done

¿What will you do?

Continue innovating.

  1. We have achieved show reports that “Others” are waiting for years
  2.  We have achieved link attribution & autobidding, being the OWNERS of both technologies.


  1. We have achieved to increase sales and improve conversion rates in record time. We are purists of the data, if it puts + 38% it is + 38%, if it puts x10 in Sales, it is x10 in sales.
  2. We measure Impression and Viewability Attribution.
  3. Report and fight with AdFraud with our own technology.
  4. Our system is able to work 24 × 7 without get tired, analyzing more data and in real time than any person or many systems of our competitors.
  5. We have a “bag of ideas” that we will gradually re-inventing the sector.

And let me repeat you, because it´s not easy what we do, and we do all this in real time.

You choose, retrolution, evolution or r-evolution. We are already r-evolving the sector, the way of working, the tariffs and creating standards. It’s not a question of choosing a side, it’s just a question of deciding “when” will you join to our r-evolution or the one other startups are creating.


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