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Custom utm with Adinton

The Adinton team wants to introduce the latest addition to our bid management and attribution modeling software.

Custom utm with Adinton

Today we want to announce an updated way of gathering data from your clicks with Adinton. Before, we were using redirs or custom tracks in order to gather all the information from your campaigns. Adinton has decided to make our customers implementation easier and therefore has decided to use the standard tracking parameters. You can find already available the custom utm with Adinton. Utm implementation is going to be easier and faster and therefore, Adinton will be able to gather data and start optimizing your campaigns in less time.

If you are familiar with Google Analytics, you already know how to use the custom utm to track the source from each of your visits. Those same utm will be used by Adinton to gather information and give you insights from your visitors. In case you are not familiar with the custom utm you can either contact us or visit the following page in order to build your own custom utm.

Available Utm

You can use a max of 5 utm to personalize your online marketing campaigns.

Campaign source – Mandatory. Identifies the search engine or other source. Example: utm_source=bing
Campaign medium – Mandatory. Identifies the medium from where the click occurred. Example: utm_medium=cpc
Campaign term – Gathers the keyword from the ad. Example: utm_term=running+shoes
Campaign content – It is used to difference ads from campaigns with a same final url. Example: utm_content=display
Campaign name -Mandatory. Identifies the name we have given to the campaign. Example: utm_campaign=running_shoes

And do not worry if you are using Analytics because by using the custom utm your gclid from Adwords won’t be effected. Just make sure you have not checked the following box. Admin –> Property Settings —> Advanced Settings —>  Uncheck the box

Uncheck the box to not overwrite the gclid with custom utm

Uncheck the box to not overwrite the gclid with custom utm

If you have any other question regarding the custom utm or you need help for building your own, do not hesitate to send us a message or leave us a comment below 😉



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