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Click Fraud Protection explained


What is click fraud?

An illegal practice that is prohibited by any government is a Click Fraud. The click fraud is basically when a user clicks on a website click through advertisement and increases the number of payable clicks to the advertiser. This could even be a manual click by an individual using the website or either automated click by using the click fraud software or online bots that are specially programmed to click these links or ads and pay for each click.

A study reveals that click fraud is used by those individuals who aim to increase their personal adds revenue or companies that intend to drain their competitor’s marketing budget. Click fraud is a fraudulent activity that needs to be removed from our society. These clicks are not only payable clicks but are fraudulent clicks for personal benefits.

The simplest way through which an individual can engage in this fraudulent ad click by using different computers at a different location such as a work computer at their office or the one in internet cafes. These invalid clicks, along with asking your family and peers to click the ads is typically not a large scale that is enough to concern various companies that charge for online ads.

To avoid being engaged in these traps you need click fraud protection. The two main incentives that drive click frauds are:

•  Ad platforms trying to disrupt competition in the market by managing their budget as early as they can

•  Ad networks click on the advertisements that are exhibited on specific websites to make more money they need.

How Google detects invalid clicks for Adwords and Adsense?

Search engines received much criticism for past many years for not being able to move any distant away to realize and nullify the click fraud activities. This fraudulent activity is not much unwarranted. One should know that regardless of either the ad click is malevolent or not, it is making money for search engine exhibiting it on their page. Thus, to maintain their image and reputation most of the high platforms as google ads have assigned their anti-click fraud teams to gain viewers trust.

One of the famous search engine “Google” by far has established the most vigorous click fraud detection organizer. The google ads click- fraud protection team conducts not only automated online analysis but also an extensive manual effort to avoid all the invalid clicks that are analyzed to be invalid

If you wish to achieve fraud detection through the internal reporting system, you need to collect a few essentials as listed below:

  • Given ip address of competitors Online click farms.  All necessary info of user or the agent.


Tips to Eliminate Click Fraud 

Despite all the claims by Google and other search engines that they are going an extra mile to eliminate the click fraud, still, there are threats by many advertisers who consider it a significant concern. If you think that you cannot rely on google or other confirmations, you should adopt your fraud protection tricks that will not let you fall in any traps. Here we have come up with a few smart ideas that can help you avoid PPC ads click.

1.  Focus more on Facebook or twitter advertising:

Digital marketing has become one of the leading advertising sources these days. Not just convenient but also a reliable source. The best part about advertising at these social media advertising is, the posted adds will only be seen on your page. Thus, there is no other publisher involved in this entire process. These social media ads remove significant sources of click frauds. But there are still the malicious competitors click out there what you can do about them? This click fraud version is less dominant on charged platforms. This is because they offer very specific advanced targeting alternates. As the placement of the ad is entirely searched by keywords, thus it has now become challenging for your competitors to search your ad.

2.  Induce IP segregations in Google AdWords:

If you are done with assiduousness and have recognized IP segregated links with click frauds, you can obstruct your ads from being displayed to that risky IP later. You merely need to just find the settings option and look for the IP segregation to set up a prohibition. After you are done with this, you need to connect to the upsetting IP address, and you’ll be ready without any click fraud risk!

3.  Remarketing PPC campaigns by running GDN: 

This is one of the best approaches you can achieve, in case you’re worried about PPC click. It allows you to effectively maintain a strategic distance with remarketing, as promotions are exhibited only to those individuals who can access and already visited to show interest for the publicist’s sites. There’s no danger of distributers tapping on the advertisements since they can’t see them now.

4.  Click fraud protection software

Adinton’s Click Fraud Prevention Software can help you to protect your marketing budget. Your ads might be at risk but this software’s offer protection against:

  • Competitors from other locations
  • Hackers
  • Non-converting users
  • Malicious publishers
  • Botnets
  • Disgruntled Customers.

5.  Adjust Ad Targeting: 

At times to weed out all the invalid fraudulent clicks it only needs a small pinch to your target. If you have traced or you doubt that the invalid, click is detected from some location, it is recommended that you remove those areas and languages used there from the platform. Moreover, if you are at doubt that one of your competitors is committing the click fraud immediately remove their information as the zip code or the city name and location. These exclusions will help you to be in safe hands and avoid ad spends from your competitors.


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