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How Can I Create an Effective PPC Campaign?

Advertising is an integral part of marketing. Digital advertising has grown in leaps and bounds due to the wide-spread use of the internet. PPC campaigns, commonly known as pay per click campaigns, are part of almost every digital marketing strategy. They can yield high ROI if they’re employed the right way. This is why marketing departments need to come up with effective PPC campaigns to ensure that they maximize on their return on interest.

To come up with a great pay per click campaign, you need to start with the basics. These include:

Setting Goals and Identifying Your Audience

The first question that you should ask yourself is what you would like to achieve. Every campaign, PPC or not, has an end game. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Do you want to generate leads and improve conversions? Do you just want to create brand awareness? All these are objectives that you might have. Once you establish the goal, it will help you to come up with the PPC campaigns that suit your brand, product or service.

Additionally, you need to identify your audience. To create a campaign, you must have a target audience in mind. This will come in handy when it comes to creating the actual ad to be published and choosing who can or cannot see the ad. This allows you to optimize for your audience beforehand. You can pick your audience based on geographical location and/ or the device that they use.

Keyword Research

The most effective PPC campaigns are those that are optimized. Most people think about SEO for their websites but don’t do the same for their pay per click campaigns. Remember that customers or visitors will always use keywords for their searches. You therefore need to do keyword research for your PPC ad. It is best to focus on low cost keywords since you get to minimize your cost. At the same time, you need to consciously avoid the high cost keywords as they end up inflating your budget without much to show for it.

Additionally, you should filter for negative keywords. In PPC, you might find that the cost is high because the ad shows up for certain keywords which have non-converting traffic. Filtering out the ad means that it will not show for these keywords. This reduces your cost.

Include a Well-Written Ad Text and Ad Extensions

If you have a convincing ad text, then people will be interested. An effective ad text peaks the curiosity and interest of the customer or visitor. For a great ad text, include your keyword and a call to action. Additionally, including ad extensions helps to improve the visibility of your advertisement. These could be location, call or site link extensions. Good PPC campaigns leave nothing to chance. Make yours one of the good ones.

Choose a Platform

This is one of the most important parts of creating a PPC campaign. You could choose Google, Bing, Yahoo or Social Media platforms. The platform that you choose will influence the effectiveness of the campaign as well as exposure to PPC click fraud. It also helps to choose the most cost effective option.


Creating a PPC campaign is not that hard. The tricky bit is coming up with effective PPC campaigns whose cost and results you can justify when presenting reports. Some people overlook important aspects of PPC such as the platform they choose or the wording in the ad text. Every marketing executive should know the basics of PPC campaign creation. This will always ensure that you end up with an effective strategy that minimizes on cost but maximizes ROI.

p.s: Image source: contentgrowth.com, http://contentgrowth.com/5-common-ppc-mistakes-can-sink-campaign-fix/


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