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The Best Attribution Software with Bid Management

We’re so proud to share with you our top new features ending summer ’17. Once all features are working together, you will enjoy the Best Attribution Software and most powerful tool on the marketing automation sector.


Features thats already exists:

Today we’ve upgraded our last version of Adinton, where you’ll find:

  1. New Data Base Archicture: Behind de courtins, now we’re ready to measure the attribution of…. everything and improve our machine learning engine.
  2. AdFraud Monitor: Now we can detect click fraud even if the thief is deleting cookies or changing IPs. With our own digital fingerprint algorithm, we can detect device where the fraud is being done.
  3. Add New Keywords: You’ll be able to add automatically as many keywords as you wish, it because Adinton thinks can be good for your business.
  4. Add New Negative Keywords: Adinton is going to add as Negative Keywords, those keywords that are not influencing or generating conversions (On/Offline)…. even for Google Shopping !!!!
  5. Add New Negative Placements: We never forget our Customers who are investing their budgets on Display Network. Add automatically those placements with really unusual behavior or non-profitable investment.

What can you do with Adinton right now?

  1. Create a Perfect Adwords Account of 24.000 keywords in less than 5 minutes.
  2. Analyze how each channel is interacting and influencing the purchase decision of your users. Adinton-type-of-click
  3. Find out which keywords, products or placements are generating more influence in each purchase, even if the purchase has ended in other channel or keyword.
  4. Auto Bidding and Auto Budget Management 24×7, based on your business KPIs: ROI or CPA and Marketing Budget.adwords-autobidding-adinton
  5. Add keywords, add negative keywords add negative placements, automatically.As soon as Adinton detects a business opportunity for you, it will act.
  6. We never forget to take care of your marketing budget and we protect it from fraudulent behavior. As mentioned before, even if the thief is deleting cookies or changing IPs.


What will we be able to do since now? Stay tuned, we’ll let you know sooner than you’re thinking.

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