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Automated Adinton Rules in Real Time

The Adinton team is very pleased to show you today one of our most important updates so far. First things first:

What is Adinton?

We are the first software able to optimize your online marketing campaigns from varios platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. In addition, based on your user’s customer journey, the platform is capable of generating tips for improving your affiliation campaigns, email marketing, RTB, social networks campaigns. Adinton algorithm modifies your bids on Adwords, taking into consideration all the traffic sources the user has visited in order to find your website.

Automated Adinton Rules in Real Time

The novelty is that now Adinton performs in real time! Imagine all we have explained above with the bonus of being able to work in real time. We have taken a 180º turn to our platform and the way of understanding each click in order to measure in real time the weight each click has among the used channels. Measuring in real time, we are able to send the Adwords API and Facebook Ads, valuable information to optimize their respective bids.

Imagine you could…

  1. Automatically increase your bids when your competitors have run out of budget and you are performing so  well?
  2. Automatically increase your budget when you CPA is no higher than your CPA goal?
  3. Decrease bids when you have run out of stock or your selling price is much different than from your competition?

Stop imagine now… all those features and much more available with the new Adinton update.


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