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Automate your Adwords tasks and generate more Sales!


Adinton is a tool that allows you to better optimize your SEM campaigns as for example, adwords campaigns,  and also automates many of the repetitive tasks that you perform on a daily basis:

  1. Add Search Terms

        1. Negative Keyword Research

  1. Keyword Research

Adinton identifies the most profitable keywords in terms of volume of Sales and CPAs and carries out an automatic keyword research, also creating the new campaign,Adgroups and Adtexts. These are then uploaded in a “paused” status. All you need to do is to check them and actívate the changes.Anything that you don’t like the look of can always be added as a “negative keyword”.

        1. Automatic bidding rules

Adinton suggests new max CPCS based on whether your goals are CPA, quality score or Volume of Sales related.


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