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Attribution Modeling

Attribution Modeling used to be a hard task. Now with Adinton is incredibly simple. We have created a new approach where you can perfectly understand how your different channels and strategies are working and thus it helps you investing time and money only on those actions that gives commercial value to your firm. As we all knowm it is highly important to correctly measure all your marketing channels and campaigns efforts so you can foreseen future strategies.

ADINTON is an advanced attribution model software solution that simplifies, like no other analytic tool, the way of understanding how your marketing efforts work.

Adinton provides user-friendly graphs and tables so you can easily understand how different actions are being involved in the purchase funnel, define which ones are having a good performance and not just conversions. Adinton aggregates all the data from your campaigns and shows you only key information, just the one you need.

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Adinton gathers data from all your different channels and provide it to you in a simple way so you can take real time decisions on your marketing campaigns. As well, Adinton defines which channels have been assisting and have been assisted a conversion.

In Adinton we understand your needs. There is little time for planning, managing and analyzing your marketing campaigns. Finally you have a platform where you can visualize all your marketing channels so you can take correct and fundamental decisions for your marketing campaigns. Our software will provide you with a rapid and comprehensive vision of your global marketing strategy as well as a vision of your specific campaigns, ads or keywords. ADINTON is an advanced attribution modeling software solution that simplifies like no other analytic tool the way to understand how your marketing efforts work.


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