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Attribution Model definition

Attribution model  aims to identify a set of events or actions that contribute in a desired outcome. Online Marketing attribution models enable organizations to understand from which channel their conversions are coming.

Attribution Model by Adinton

Nowadays it is of high interest for any business to recognize which channels are in the market and which will turn in a better conversion of their products. With ADINTON, an advanced attribution model software solution,  you will understand how your marketing efforts work in a very simplify way.

For any business, it is very convenient to analyze and find out how different marketing campaigns influence the conversion process. In today’s digital marketing it is highly uncommon to continue measuring each channel and campaign separately. Organisations leverage many different channels to reach and grow customers, but unfortunately not all of them are measuring attribution among them. The trouble is that if you don’t do it, you may end up creating a wrong attribution model and losing money. Simplify your Acquisition Channels Analysis.

attribution Modeling charts

Which supports or campaigns, are selling and which ones are not is the common analysis. With ADINTON you can go further and understand which ones although selling or not selling are actively assisting other or have been assisted. Thus you can focused your effort on high quality traffic and thus increase your sales. Among the different models you could consider when analyzing acquisition channel we believe ADINTON is the simplest attribution model you could have.

From aggregated to very detailed data. ADINTON is very flexible in terms of defining how you want your analysis. Thus, you can have a broad view of your strategies at the highest level, as well as a very detailed analysis at the level of placements or even keywords.

Adinton’s Attribution Model is a smart tool build to maximize efficiency, Adinton assists you in order to establish most of your digital marketing tactics with less time and effort.


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