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Algorithmic Attribution

The Algorithmic Attribution is a conversion attribution model by which the conversion value is assigned to all the campaigns, mediums or keywords that have participated generating the conversion, but the system gives more ore less value depending the behaviour of the users.

Algorithmic Attribution will assign different value to each click depending, per example:

  • Number the clicks until the conversion.
  • Page Views of every single click.
  • Bounce Rate of every single click.
  • If the user has done a micro conversion, such “subscribe to newsletter”, “add to cart”,…

The algorithmic attribution model is not used by default in almost all the Web Analytics Tools, like Google Analytics. Normally the Analytics Solutions have a multi-touch attribution modeling reports, where you can compare different attribution models, but in this case you will not be able to compare with Algorithmic Attribution, because itsn’t supported in GA.

algorithmic attribution

But, the magic thing in Algorithmic Attribution is that you can work with different attribution depending the behaviour of each customer journey.

The Algorithmic Attribution is the most completed and sophisticated attribution model.

Other Multi-tocuh models: First Interaction, Last Click Attribution, Linear Attribution Model, Time Decay Attribution


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