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AdWords Optimization Strategies to Increase Conversions

PPC marketing is facilitated by a platform known as AdWords. There are so many strategies that are included on this platform and all of them are aimed at making the campaigns to be more meaningful. When you have the right strategy and resources, AdWords optimization will be easy and help you improve your conversion rate. We have listed some simple ways that may help marketers in making AdWords campaigns that have a huge impact on the target market and generate more leads, impressions and conversions. Please note that we have not listed them in any particular order of priority, and thus you can start with any one of them.

Rotation of Ads

Google provides a basic feature with the AdWords account known as ad rotation. This is useful when you have achieved a number of conversions and the rate of conversion seems to be steady and often. This tool will allow the marketers to rotate the ads that are delivering more conversions through different types of keywords. This strategy is aimed at conversion rate optimization. It will work best when you have a high click-through rate and a low conversion rate. You will use the ads to convert the visitors who are already on your website. The same ads that were used to drive in traffic volumes can eventually be rotated to help in closing the deal.

Adjust your Schedule for Ads and Bids

It is true that online shopping works 24/7 and it is based on this mentality that most marketers have their ads running round the clock. Sadly, you will realize that this may not be very effective as you might end up paying for so many clicks and still get low conversions. There is a reporting feature on Google AdWords that will show you at what time real conversions are taking place. This will include specific days or the week and the exact hours when this happens. You should schedule your ads and bids at this given time as this will boost the overall rate of conversion.

A general rule of the thumb in scheduling for campaigns dictates that you should avoid the wee hours of the night, as there is very little action taking place at that time. AdWords optimization runs on the strategies that you employ and mastering the specific times and days that you get more engagements will reduce your cost of clicks that do not convert.

Enhance CPC in Your Bids

This is a strategy that is known as enhanced CPC and it allows you to increase your bids for the AdWords that appear to bring in more conversions. When you choose to use this bid strategy, you should be very cautious as it does not work with all ads. However, this should not be a discouragement since online marketing is all about exploring to discover what works best for your campaigns. You should not be so conservative or too afraid to try out new things that may generate more conversions. As a matter of fact, the risk takers appear to enjoy more benefits when it comes to online marketing. In as much as most of the tools and tips are provided by Google, the best way to make the most of your ads is by thinking out of the box. AdWords optimization should bring your creative marketing side to life and you might be surprised at the overall outcome.


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