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AdWords Optimization Account Checklist

There are so many marketers who create an AdWords account and leave it at that. This is a very costly mistake as far as AdWords optimization is concerned. It is important to keep checking your account so as to evaluate its performance in various aspects so as to ensure that you are on the right path towards achieving your objectives. There are some components that need to be adjusted as often as possible so as to accommodate the changing times in online marketing through Google. Here are some of the key attributes that you should keep evaluating so as to get the best results from your AdWords campaigns.

Advertising Objectives

In as much as the main purpose of advertising is said to be to maximize profits, there are other aspects that will help you in measuring your goals. Most of these variables are used in measuring the conversion rate and will directly affect your revenue. Some of them include:

  • Leads
  • Sign-ups
  • Website interactions
  • Downloads
  • Social engagement cues

You should keep a keen eye on the conversions tab so as to ensure that each of the set objectives is generating a good report. Besides tracking the overall conversions, you should be able to monitor the individual performance of these aspects.


There is a defined budget when it comes to PPC advertising through Google. It is not possible to just sit back and expect that everything will work out well. You should evaluate your budget so as to ensure that the set budget is being utilized as required. If your campaigns are using the allocated budget and meeting the goals that have been set, you may consider increasing the budget so as to get better results.

Ad Rotation

This is an essential element of AdWords optimization and it has to be revisited quite often. Ad rotation will help in rotating the ads that are generating the most clicks. This is aimed at creating a balance in the traffic volumes and conversions that are triggered by the best ads. You should define the schedule that will make sense to your business and your target market. It is advisable to run a test ad posting before settling for a particular time. Making your top ads appear at different intervals will help you in narrowing down to the peak times for your ads.

Mobile Version

Most users have resorted to the use of mobile devices to access the internet. You should always check your account settings so as to ensure that it accommodates mobile ads. The settings tab provides you with the option of adjusting the mobile bid ads based on the results generated. You can define the ad copy that you would want to be optimized as a mobile ad and this will help you capture a wider market scope. You should ensure that you have a landing page that accommodates mobile users.

Negative Keywords

In your AdWords account, there is a list of keywords that are provided and at the bottom you will find a link to negative keywords. It is important to specify the negative keywords from the onset so as to eliminate irrelevant clicks on your ads. Your negative keywords list will keep changing as you progress with AdWords optimization. You might be forced to add or remove some keywords from the negative ad group so as to be able to reach your target market effectively.


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