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Ad Fraud and New Online Marketing Agencies

I was delighted with Ad Stage news, in which Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer at Protect & Gambler told that it was time to take action and his marketing investments in general and online were monitored and controlled at exhaustive and demanding levels to avoid burn his budget.

Up today, Ad fraud can be really painful for advertisers who make significant investments In Real Time Bidding Platforms (RTB), Google Display (although Google manage it intensively and consider the click fraud seriously, always “get filtered” clicks) and in Adwords or BingAds in those competitive sectors, where a click can easily cost from € 6 to € 10.

Here the video of this talk:

As Marc Pritchard Commented on Ad Stage and NYT o Business Insider, Increasingly Marketing online is smarter, with a potential segmentation and incredible customization, but each time more and more full of “crap”.

We are talking about the person or one of the persons who invest more in marketing year by year in the world. From so much “crap”, Marc Pritchard raises and demands that agencies that want to work with P&G must meet a series of requirements:

– Measure Viewability:

Is my advertising being really seen? If yes, Let´s invest the necessary to maximize the results of my Company. But if my advertising, my banners are not being seen and are just billed, why should I pay for it? What do you want: Pay cents of CPM for trash or euros for quality?

– Ad Fraud:

Why my agencies in which I put my trust and money to “move my brand” and make grow my business, do not look for my interests? Do not protect my assets? What is it that a BOT or group of people make me fraud? How can they make fraud about actions that are being managed by an agency?

Logically, in my opinion, we can not and should not transfer the “police” work to the agency, but they should have the mechanisms or technologies to protect the investment for their advertisers. Take a look at our Ad Fraud Solution.

–  Transparency:

It’s an obligation, it’s not a nice-to-have. What is it to win live with that called “extra types”, “extra premiums”, tune or “Photoshopper”…. are we in the old west?

– Data Auditor:

If to all the above, we add the figure of an independent third party that provides credibility to previous data, the trust between Advertiser and Agency becomes total. Right now they have aligned the objectives of both, it´s from this moment when you can grow.

This is not new, it is in the mouths of all and all have run a thick veil. It seems that the veil is going to be burned by the strongest of the town. Which I love. Now we should start a new age where advertisers do not require their agencies awards on their shelves, in addition demand results, technology and industry knowledge, environment and anti-fraud systems.

For those who think that it is just for “Big Companies”, with big budgets… We have created since 2.014 a tool that:

  • Tell you exactly how much a channel affects other, a keyword on a channel,… considering the change of device of its users and in real time. We are specialist in Attribution Modeling.
  • We measure the viewability of banners in real time and its influence on the purchase decision.
  • Analyze and detect Adfraud, even if the “thief” changes IP and / or cookie.
  • We were audited by a third-party. Unfortunately in 2.015 no one asked us to be audited and even it was not valued. Today it seems is going to change.


Rules has changed.

Technologies are opening doors

Marketing needs more and more technologies

Adinton creating future since 2.014.



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