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Ad Fraud in Remarketing Campaigns?

Here we share with you a real case happening with some our clients using our  Click Fraud Software.



Each 5 minutes there is a click in his advertisements, with the same IP.  Probably seconds do not match because we measure the click when it “land” in our client landing. Since this moment until the destiny page is loaded there is a delay of 1, 2, 5 seconds… that’s why seconds are not the same.

Global vision:



IP: The ip where the clicks come from

Clicks, page views, conversions, it’s what it is, no more.

Journey IDs: Is like user ID o cookie ID

UA Expanded: User Agent Expanded, Device ID.

You can see how the system has automatic detected 3 IPs suspicious, if we read te first row of Quarantine IPs, it would be:

1 IP, with 50 different cookies, has clicked 50 times, has 50 page views, 0 conversions and using 1 unique device.

Suspicious, isn’t it?

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