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all others bring data

W. Edwards Deming

We launched Adinton in October 2014. We had to fight a lot to grow up our project and to be able to give useful DATA and solutions to all the companies in the world, no matter the size.

Our management team has been dedicating to digital marketing and development since 1999. We worked with companies of all sizes and character, we helped companies to grow up, we wrote success histories and unfortunately, we saw other companies forced to close their doors. The common denominator in all the successes and in all the failures is unique and constant: How they use data.
“Those companies that use their business DATA to take decisions, execute them and learn of them, are the ones that are successful.”

For this reason, we created Adinton, “The solution, Our Solution” that can offer complex information to obtain, manage and display it for correct decision, as well as being able to propose changes and improvements to increase conversions.
All this year, we invested enthusiasm, many hours of sleep, pain, joys, companions, friends, we scarified free time with an only goal: Do it our best”

We created Adinton and its complexity without investors, without external funding, only with the efforts of our team and our families. We don’t distrust these methods of financing, but we think that everything has its phase, we preferred to grow and learn organically, with our money, despite how slow it was. In another vital moment of the company, I am sure that if we really need it, we will look for financial help, knowledge and experience.
If you want to know more about us, Search Adinton in Google and read the reviews, you will see our team, customers, friends and suppliers. We do not hide, we are transparent.

Every day we work to give more sophisticated information in the simplest way to companies, no matter the size to take the best decisions.

We believe that Data is not a luxury, it is a right.

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