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30 indicators that you are an old online marketing rocker!


  1. You have searched/navigated in Altavista
  2. You have downloaded cracks in “Astalavista”
  3. You have worked with tools like Analog y Webtrends with logs
  4. You decided between Internet Explorer or Netscape. Wow Firefox Born =D
  5. Then was launched urchin & time ago it disappeared… Hi google analytics!
  6. You have added the awstats counter in your web
  7. <Meta keywords> these had a big weight in seo, a really big weight
  8. You felt in love of a new browser called “google” because search was completed in just 0,1111 Seconds.
  9. You have optimized adwords accounts downloading a csv > editing it> upload it again
  10. You do not understand how google paid a crazy amount for youtube
  11. The best adwords administrators suggested you increase he cpc, well… seem it has not changed.
  12. You live the Armaggedon when google removes all adwords affiliate links overnight.
  13. You have installed the google firefox plugin of page rank and translator.  And it turns out that the bar makes everything “behind”
  14. You can only advertise in google if you want to have presence: welcome facebook ads
  15. del.icio.us it wonderful!
  16. It was weird exceed 0,30 €/click in adwords
  17. Link adwords and analytics was really crazy
  18. Was available bought organic results to CPC in yahoo
  19. You saw in youtube the videos of Marissa Mayers, today Yahoo’s CEO
  20. Tv sent traffic to social media, but they didn’t know generate audience from social media to their channels
  21. You saw the whale of twitter each hour.
  22. Not provided, fucking not provided. Don’t be evil, really?
  23. Saw for the first time eurovision in twitter
  24. Marc cortes y Xavier Guell crete the Marketing last names
  25. You have read about seo in eyesearch.
  26. You have created a seo community in davilac or xeoweb forums
  27. Browsers: ozu, Bravo!, terra
  28. Google sold his search motor in boxes for webs.
  29. You attend monthly events like Conversion Thursday, Cava, Tweets & initiator
  30. Let me add a personal one: you have been in seosarao.

What would you add?

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