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Top 12 Google Shopping Tips for Black Friday

As you know, by the end of November we got Black Friday, that day where e-commerce companies get “crazy” and offfer their products with very large discounts and offers.

If you want your Black Friday to become more golden than black, do not miss the following tips:

1. Prepare and leave your server ready to absorb a high volume of users and most likely amount of sales.

It would be very a misfortune if we had lost a large amount of sales because of a slow server.

2. Have correctly implemented your conversion and tracking tags.

That day we are playing everything on one single card. Either u sell or your potential users will buy the product to your competitors. Therefore, it is of high importance to have everything perfectly measure in order to make real-time decisions.

3. Your IT department has to be involved.

Whether they are external or internal, it is very likely your website will suffer some tension moments. It might be your website is not used to the traffic peaks expected for that day (link). Be quick, being able to make quick changes and updates will be a must.

4. Check the prices.

Remember that for your e-commerce 3.10€ is not the same as 3,10€ or even worst, 0.310€ or 310€. Although, given the options, I would rather commit the mistake of selling for 310€ rather than 0.310€

5. If you are launching a  Google Shopping  campaign…

Make sure you check the following checklist to optimize your Google Shooping campaings. It is of high importance to know exactly when you have to update your feed with the new prices and specially remember that:

If you change the product ID on your Google Shopping feed, Google takes that as a new product and so it will start checking all your products. It sure isn’t the perfect day for Google to check your feed. Avoid that.

6. TODAY is the day to test every traffc sources to gain traffic.

For the Black Friday there will be a huge amount of traffic, plenty of searches. That many that even if we would like, we won’t have enough budget to be in all the traffic sources. Search for sources out of Google since all your competitors will be there. Search for sources with less competitors since your CPC will be lower. Consider trying Bing, Bing Shopping, Yahoo!,… those are great options. Launch the campaigns now, so for the Black Friday you can get the most of them.

7. Calculate your CPA goal.

The price you would like to spend to get a sale. If you know your CPA goal and you are tracking everything, you will be able to take real-time decisions.
As said in the previous point, there will be a lot of traffic, that day is like having a shop in the most important shopping street of your country!
Think about the following real example:
– Your CPA goal is 6€
Within the first 5 Black-Friday hours, your real CPA is 5,5€. There a aloooot of sales and suddenly, you ran out of budget.  You have spent 300€ in 5 hours but it is profitable. What would you do? Increase your budget? The thing is, you could spend 3.000€, 30.000… and as many proportional sales with for example a CPA of 6€.
Beware! What rules  it’s not the budget or the amount of sales, it is the CPA!

8. Make sure to have at least on your Google Adwords account the Net60 active.

It is not the same to pay while you are spending (and so your credit card will be shaking) or to pay to 60 days, Today you collect the money and within 60 days you pay to Google. By doing that we will have one concern less for you and your financial chief.

9.It is of high importance…

At least we like to do it that way, to set up your Adwords campaigns to “accelerated mode”. By that I mean to show my ads as much as I can until I use all my budget. For that day you have to be aware of that. As a tip, you can start as a rotate-evently mode and once your CPA is the one you want, start with the accelerated mode and Rock and Roll!

10. There is no error possibility.

That day, mistakes and success can be very expensive. Everybody in the team needs to be in alert-mode: IT, marketing, Finance ( check your budget for Adwords, Facebook…)

11. Monitor your competition prices.

It is possible that even though you have done everything as it should (fast server, great amount of traffic, usability…) but that day the price is super important. Price can decide whether you are successful or not that day.

12. If you have not studied how your target behaviour…

Start practicing now. For example, Does it happen to you that the 70% of your sales come from a first click? If that is the case, the % of selling in the second click is almot minimal, therefore if you manage to get sales from 2-click visitors your CPA will be for sure higher that your CPA goal. Conclusion, it will be a great time to launch a negative remarketing campaign. How? Start  preparing Adwords to not show your ads with the second or third click.

13. Any more suggestions? Leave a comment below 🙂


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